Vanpooling is an important and economical option for individuals commuting to more distant locations,
such as to the Metropolitan Washington Area. There are three kinds of vanpools:
Owner-Operated vans; Third-party vans; and Employer-provided vans.

Vanpooling Advantages:
Less stress commuting to and from work
Financial saving
Increased free time for riders
Possible shorter time on the road with the help of HOV lanes

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VanStart and Vansave

RideSmart also participates in the Virginia Vanpool Assistance Program. The Virginia Vanpool Assistance Program, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, provides temporary funding for vanpools having trouble filling all of their seats.

There are two different programs: the VanStart Program, which funds empty seats during the critical start-up phase of new vanpools; and the VanSave Program, which is for existing vanpools that are experiencing problems in their passenger levels due to the loss of riders. For more information, please contact us: (540) 636-8800 or

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can apply for funding assistance? Anyone operating a vanpool that services residents of the State of Virginia can apply for assistance. The vanpool must be a non-profit operation and have a seating capacity of no less than 6 and no more that 14 (excluding the driver). The vanpool operator must certify that the van has PV plates and is appropriately insured under a Commercial Auto Policy or Vanpool Policy and registered with the local jurisdiction's rideshare agency.

Are there any special requirements? Yes. Since the VanStart Program is for new vanpools and the VanSave Program is for existing vanpools, there are some differences in the eligibility requirements:

VanStart:  The owner/operator must register the vanpool and apply for assistance within the first three months of operation with the local jurisdiction's rideshare agency.

VanSave:  The vanpool must have been in operation for a minimum of six months and may not have received any state assistance funds in the past 12 months.At least 25% of the paying passenger capacity must have been empty for more than 30 days at time of application.The amounty of funding is based on the average cost per seat of your vanpool and the average cost per seat of similar vanpools traveling within comparable distance and market parameters.

Click here to download a Sign Up form for the VanSave/VanStart Program

Can you help me find new riders? Yes. As part of a region-wide network of commuter assistance agencies, this local rideshare agency can provide the latest up-to-date information on commuters interested in riding in a vanpool.

If you want to form your own vanpool, or if you would like to contact vanpool companies in Northern Virginia for assistance, the following information may be of service:  ABS Phone: 703-348-VANS or 540-659-6323 vRide Phone: 1-800-826-7433

RideSmart assists commuters in forming vanpools through the Rideshare Program Commuter Connections. We encourage vanpools to register with the database so we can assist in supporting their vanpools when they are starting new ones and/or need help in filling vacant seats.