Token Transit FAQs

Do passes expire?
Unactivated tickets will not expire until they are activated. Once activated, One Way passes will be valid for 30 minutes, and Round Trip passes will be valid until the end of the day (midnight on day of activation). Monthly passes are valid for 31 consecutive days after first use and expire at midnight on the 31st day.

Can I request a refund?
Passes are not transferable or replaceable. All sales are final. However, if you experience technical issues, please contact Token Transit, at

Can I purchase a pass for someone else?
Anyone on the internet can purchase and send a Token Transit pass to a rider. This has proved helpful for social services agencies, tourism services, parents, etc., allowing them to purchase and send passes to others without sharing payment information or mailing paper passes. To use this feature, visit

When do I need an internet connection?
An internet connection is required in order to purchase your pass. An internet connection is also required to use your pass for the first time, and at the beginning of each day on multi day passes.

Which passes are available on Token Transit?
All passes are available on Token Transit.

How do I know if my pass is active?
Active passes will be displayed in the Token Transit app when opened.

Is there a record of expired passes?
Yes, you can view a log of your past actions by going to your Account Settings and selecting ‘History’. There will be a new entry every time you use a pass.

Can I have a receipt for my pass purchase?
Yes, but in order to do so, you will need to make sure that you include your email address when you register your account. Receipts will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

What if my battery dies while my pass is active?
You are responsible for keeping your phone charged while using your pass. Refunds will not be issued if your phone’s battery dies while your pass is active.

What happens to my account if I lose my phone?
Your passes and payment information are linked to the account associated with your phone number. They are not linked to your physical phone. Logging in with your phone number on a new device will restore your previous pass and payment information.

Is my credit card information secure?
All personal and credit card information is securely stored, using Token Transit’s encrypted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server.

I need help with the app! Who can help me?
Should you experience any technical issues with the app, please contact Token Transit, at